Nike Reset

Nike Reset

Communication Strategy & Design
Communication Campaign
Creative Production
Campaign Film

Client: Nike
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp 
Managing Director: Hatice Çağlar 
Copywriter & Strategist: Oğul Girgin
Art Director: Seda Yüksel
Graphic Design: Naci Mert
Director: Fora Norman
Artwork Production: Erdem Dilbaz 
Voice Artist: Ezgi Mola 
Production Company: Snack 
Lead Producer: Emre Nedim Alkan
DOP: Muratcan Gökçe 
Edit: İpek Kadri 
Color: Ercan Küçük 
Music: Okan Kaya 
Styling: Yağmur Kural 
Make-up: Nuvit Tiryaki 
Hair: İsmail İnan

Life moves through you. And you move with your feelings. 

Nike RESET is a new immersive experience at Hope Alkazar designed to trigger your senses and let you feel your all. As part of Nike's global “Future Fitness” launch, Nike Turkey collaborated with Erdem Dilbaz and his team to craft a multi-dimensional sensorium at the heart of the city, where participants could explore and experience their feelings through movement. 

We joined the Nike team to craft this experience’s creative communications. We imagined this sensorium as a brief moment of respite, a soft reset amidst the daily bustle of life. And just like that, the experience found its name: Nike RESET - an immersive experience to set your feelings in motion. 

Our campaign features talents from four walks of movement, Ahsen Eroğlu, Ekin Bernay, Haneen Kattae & İrem Güneş, and captures their personal interactions with the RESET experience. Feeling good, both in mind and body, is a personal journey. Our campaign film and key visuals find moments when these four women do what feels truly them. 

Hope ALKAZAR is Istanbul’s stage of movement, and Nike RESET is an invitation to step on this stage and feel your all.

Nike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike ResetNike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike Reset
Nike Reset